Monday, December 17, 2007

December 17

Left Camp 11 at 8:20 am. It was clear but sastrugi were filled in with soft snow. We were hopping from ridge to ridge to avoid the soft spots. We led in 30 min turns as it was very tiring. We did 23.7 kms today and are now at Camp 12. We are 1/3 done. Bright sun is out. The team is doing well. Batteries are always running low, so I will update when I can. Medical update: Several people with various facial exposure due to constant reflection from the snow and sun. I have dried and blistered lips, Eric has swollen eyes, Bernice has swollen lips and skin. All in good spirits from team CANDU. Camp 12 location South 84.26 west 076.01.


duncan said...

Well done team CANDU - keep it up.
Remember as the Inuit say - if you have cold feet - put a hat on!
Following your progress with great interest. Great progress each day. Well done.


jo said...

hey there, lucky you're not SNOW CANDU !! have you seen santa and has he got my ferrari? hope you're all having amazing experiances and have the time of your enjoying the upkeep and don't know how you all do it!!! sleep well and keep treckin', love jo