Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3

Well it was hectic until today, yesterday we packed our gear had it
weighed and it went to the plane. We were told to ready at 6
this morning, I dutifully was up at 5:30, had what I thought was my last
shower for a while and then waited.....and waited. Fell asleep and at 9:40
a call, the winds are down at Patriot Hills but the cloud cover is too low
and they can,t find the ice runway without a clear visual. So I am off to
a stove lighting session, I guess we might as well do something as we
It{s cold and windy here, so I am hiding in an Internet cafe and having a
double espresso while I wait for stove school....
It{s time to get moving, I feel like the ice is building up a welcoming
committee while we wait here in Patriot Hills getting fat...
I will stay in touch and let you know....



Connie H said...

Yikes, sounds like one heck of an adventure George. Stay safe.

Gail said...

Hola from Mexico George and gang!! We will be watching your progress. Godspeed and have a wonderful trip. Love Gail & Doug