Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3

We are at 88 degrees South. 120 nautical miles from the South Pole. It was cold and
clear -40 with a wind chill. We had a short day with sleeping in till 9. We
completed 16k. We re now camped at 2587 elevation.

Team profile today is Merete Spilling Gjertsen.
Born in small town of Norway. Merete studied medicine in Switzerland. She practised
as a family doctor in a small town in Norway. She met her husband Tom while skiing in
Switzerland. Merete was born with skis on her feet. She has trekked in Nepal, Skied
Baffin Island and Greenland. Of all the team Merete enjoys being here the most.
She says there hasn't been a bad day so far. She is following in the footsteps of
one of her heroes, Norwegian Roald Nordunsem. He was the first person to reach the
South Pole. Our "Queen of Norway" is a regular ski machine. Nothing stops her, and
she is awesome medical relief if needed.

George from Antarctica

January 5

Day 31 - Beautiful clear day-15 light wind. A fresh snow shone like a million diamonds
everywhere.It was a really good day on the snow. Tonight I am relaxing in the solo tent.
As the journey continues and nears the end, there are lots of chances to think about
many things. I will be glad to be home and with family next week. The luxury of a
flushed toilet is beyond me. As you travel your mind is cleared. You sort things out
and try to make them whole! As my favorite author N.K. did to unburden himself until
all was left was a sack of bones. I'm not quite there yet. I still have a little spare.
The idea of unburdening yourself is to let it all out. This trip away from all distractions
helps me think and clean out the thoughts. We all have so much incoming content in our lives.
It is important to reverse that and get out what we feel. And as this journey comes to a
close in the epitath of N.K. "I need nothing, I fear nothing,I am free".

George from Antartica

January 4

Day 30 - Tough day we did almost 25k in variable conditions. We climbed 70 m.
All of our face masks look like works of art. Fantastic Forms as they say. We
all go on for our own reasons. We still have plenty of time to think. Tough as it is.
Nothing is as tough as losing a child . And for some of us a brother. I want to dedicate
this blog to my brother Leslie who passed away 27 yrs ago this coming July, and to
Corn Phillips who passed away 10 yrs ago and his brother Ralph who passed last yr.
This blog and the march tomorrow is dedicated to them.

George from Antarctica.


Jack said...

George, Finally I found you. I wish all of you happy 2008 and reaching SP ASAP (you must be cold by now). Jacek from Saudi

Alice Coley said...

George...I can never get through on the phone..tried calling from moms several times....hope all is going well.....luv Alice.

brad bryan said...

keep going man!!! you can do it!!! "Strength and Honour" from the Marmots!

California said...

Druhu Druzynowy,

I am with you in spirit. You do the Hufiec proud! Czuwaj.


Jill said...

George, you must almost be able to smell the coffee at Amunsden Scott base .... not far to go now
the KKers are pusing and pulling with you Jill

Bobby K said...

Happy New Year George.

Congratulations on your quest to reach the SP. Best wishes on a successful journey. Hang in there.

Sto Lat !

Bob Krzak