Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 7

Day 33
Brilliant day again at -10 no wind. In the afternoon I skied with no hat or gloves but after only 1 hr I put extra sun screen. This blog is for my parents Walter and Wanda. Today is their 58th Wedding Anniversary. They married in Edmonton on Jan 7 1950. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD. They raised 5 children in Edmonton. They came to Edmonton with nothing and gave us everything. Mom was deported from Poland to Siberia and Dad fought in the war with Italy. Mom schooled in Karachi India. They met in Edmonton and as Dad says "Mom made the best potato pancakes so I married her". Love you both - George. 

Locations S 88.55.818 w 079 elevation 2729. 

George from Antarctica

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Alice Coley said...

That was very well said..I am going to forward it to mom and dad. We are all so very proud of you...Yeah...Survivor should be filmed there...what do you think...they would never make it...

Luv Alice...and girls...