Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 9

Day 35 - Cold day, just as we were used to some mild and nice weather Antarctica bites back at us. -55 wind chill. Wind in our face all day. It was tough that's why we have the ruff. When wind is blowing in your face its imperative that you have a fur ruff to help shield your face. Eric says I look like Chewbacka from Star Wars. Only 3 nights 2 days if all goes well. Tonight is men's night in the tent. It is probably the last one. We've enjoyed the boys nights in the tent. 67 k to go!
S 89.33.34

George from Antarctica.


Alice Coley said...

OMG you guys are so close...I am so excited to hear about the whole adventure etc. etc...we are so cheering for you...luv alice, julia and ronnie!!!!!

Richard said...

George - Almost There! Enjoy the South Pole Station, an incredible place. Congratulation to CANDU.
Richard Laronde

The Dhillon's said...

Hi George, wow, almost there! The Dhillon's have been thinking of you often! Every time that we see Shirley, we ask her how you are doing!

Guess what, the team WON today for the coaches! You would have been proud! 2-0 against Peninsula!

See you soon! Hope that you get to spend a few days lying on the beach in Chile!


The Dhillon's