Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 19

Left at usual time. Today it was 2 weeks on skis. Last night clear and sunny. I was glad Merete had the sunny side. When I had the sunny side a couple of nights ago I toasted like a pig. We skied for a couple of hours then had to rope off because we ran into crevaces. We are on the tail of the Foundation Icestream. It took awhile to rope up.

After lunch we had whiteout conditions. As we climbed to the top we ran into fissures. Since it was late we decided to stop and set up camp. Eric thought it was safer. It is best to go through with good visibility.

Overall we have accomplished 300km. Camp 14 elevation is 1273 location south 84.45 west 077.54.

Featured team member is Alison Levine. Alison's background is in Corporate Finance. She has a strong background in climbing but not in skiing. She has climbed 6 out the 7 summits highest in the world. She was the captain of a woman's team up Mt.Everest. The team had to turn around at 170ft from the top due to a bad storm. She has been to the North Pole on a ski expedition. She has her own company called Daredevil Strategies. She is one of the top motivational speakers in the U.S. She speaks to many fortune 500 companies. She is tough as nails, and it took her 2 full days to admit that this expedition was the toughest of all she has done thus far. She is highly motivated and a pleasure to have as a team mate.

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