Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 26

Just another day on the ice, oh ya Boxing Day. A beautiful clear day with a slight breeze, we were off at 8 am and covered 27 km. Talk about food, I think about it more now. The first few days I wasn't even hungry. 4 days ago we upped our dinner portions. Now I am beginning to feel hungry. Like I need to eat more. Thinking about a big juicy steak more often. Often after an hour of skiing I find my energy is drained. I will now consume butter and biscuits along with soup and salami, chocolate, cheese, fruits and nuts for lunch. Dinner is a double meal now, freeze dried for 2. In the tent it is warm and I'm in the solo tent with shirt off, we are at South 86.13 and West 0.8142.

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