Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 27

22nd day on skis, no days off. Today we skied 8.5 hours. Less than 400 km to go. That's great when you have completed over 500 km. We had great conditions today. We did 29 kms The mind, you have a lot of time to think. Whether skiing ahead or staring at the skier ahead of you. Scary place my mind after 21 days to think. Can be rewarding and just plain dull. When you start to think of actually reaching the pole you have to stop yourself except you have a glove and a ski pole in hand. You have to remember it is 14-15 days of 8 hour skiing away. I think of home but you can't dwell on it, it doesn't materialize. Either does much else. I just stare at the details of the sled in front of me.

That's all for now,
George, Antarctica.


linda said...

Happy New Year George and team!
Lots of Love, Linda, Jacques & Sunny

Alice Coley said...

I bet no one can ask you if you put on weight you and miss you lots...three mor days at moms...bye George!!!

IceTent said...

George - Fantastic distances you guys are making. Better than Eric's last South Pole expedition. Keep it up! Richard Laronde

Jill said...

Happy New Year George and team
many of the 'KK Great Explorers 2004' are with you on this one

sooke said...

Happy New Year George! We are very much enjoying reading about your adventure and wish you safe travels! Can hardly wait to hear all about it once you return. Hugs and kisses!

Love from Sue Dave and Carson

keith said...

Hey George, your a wild man!. I wish you good travels and a happy New Year from Nova Scotia.

Safe Trekking. Your old friend Keith!

john said...

Happy New Year George!
All the best to you & your team, John@Payline.

Timo said...

Happy New Year George and the rest of the South Pole Team !!!

Keep up the amazing skiing and hardcore trekking...we're all following your progress closely and cheering for you here in Victoria (including all those endangered silver Marmots!!)

Here's to a successful finish at the South Pole in the New Year !

Hugs from Tim, Heather and Alexander

olav.r.spilling said...

Hei Merete! Vi er imponert. Godt nytt år, og lykke til med innspurten! Silje, Astrid og Olav Rein

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year George! Congratulations on your excellent progress. We are all following your progress closely and cheering you on. Looking forward to your return and stories of your adventures.
Amy, Geoff, Henry, Georgie and Beatrice.

Sandy and Judy said...

Happy New Year to all. We are keeping close track of your excellent adventure George and think of you all daily. Over half way now so look forward to seeing you soon. Sandy and Judy

SwimGirl said...

Hi George
Happy New Year to you and the team.
Have been reading the them. What a great new years gift you received from the ANI Expedition Group. Nice way to start the new year (on a full stomach). Everyone says hi from Victoria. Miss Ya Lots!!!
Looks like only 10 more days for you and the team. Keep treking =)

Doug said...

Hola George from sunny Mexico ... just a bit warmer here ... clear sunny and 27C. We hear from shirley that you're keen to get back to Victoria. We'd like to wish you and all the team a very Happy New Year.

Cheers ... Doug & Gail, Chalet Acuario, Ajijic, Mexicpo