Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12

Left camp 6 at 8:30 am. Snow drifted in all night, now the sastrugi areas are full of snow. Skied through soft snow today. Reached camp 7 location at 86 degrees 36 mins south latitude 69 degrees 48 west longitude.

We completed 21.3 km in soft conditions. Mild conditions light breeze all day. Skied in base layer all day.

Today's blog is about the team. The team is a group of very accomplished and determined people. Over the next 4 blogs I will write about team members individually. This is about Team Candu. The strength of our group is a team effort. I want to say that our whole group Bernice, Eric, Allison, Merete, and I have a solid purpose. To reach the south pole on skis. I believe we can do it and stay strong as a unit, unlike some expeditions that have personal problems brought on by stress with resolving issues. My goal is that we arrive at the pole as one, and I believe that we can do it.

Our day seven on the ice. Hopefully every other day will go as well.


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Michael Kren said...

Keep it up George!!
Have the whole family reading the blogs.
Michael Kren